Why you shouldn’t trust banks to hold your money

As you grew up, you probably took a number of things for granted. You knew that you were supposed to get a driver’s license. You knew that you needed to graduate high school. You also knew that you needed to put your money in the bank. Unfortunately, that last item has become less of a fact in recent years. As anyone who lived through the Great Depression can tell you, there’s something inherently untrustworthy about banks. Now that we’ve gone through another financial crisis, it’s become impossible to ignore the fact that it just isn’t safe to keep money with these institutions any longer.

It’s hard not to think of corruption when you think of the world of finance. When you look at the financial meltdown of 2008, you likely saw that a number of people in high positions colluded to make life worse for others. These people weren’t punished, and in many cases, they kept the same jobs. There’s no reason to believe they’ve had a change of heart – just to believe that they are more careful about getting caught. The people in charge of keeping your money safe, then, really can’t be trusted with anything.

Of course, it’s more than just the people in charge that are problematic. At its core, a bank is an entity meant to generate a profit. You are the person with money, and they’d really like to have that money. That means the bank is always going to have a reason to try to take that money from you. From fees to banking ‘mistakes’, you’ll find that your money never grows quite as it should when it is in the bank. As time has gone by, the perks of working with a bank have gone away. Now, they exist because people expect them to – and they take advantage of that fact regularly.

BitCoin is a fantastic finance alternative to a bank. It gives you the chance to take charge of your own money and hold onto it safely. It gives consumers all the protection that a bank would have, but without putting a middle-man in the away. It makes users very aware of the fact that they are in charge of their own investment and that they don’t need a giant company’s help to make money. Instead of trusting a stranger, you can trust yourself to keep an investment safe. It’s a great system for those who are tired of being a bank’s victim.

You shouldn’t trust banks to hold onto your money. You should trust yourself and do the research on products that help you to do so. BitCoin gives you more freedom and more security without requiring you to pay fees to a bank. No matter what you decide to do, it’s time to stop blindly following the old rules. It’s time to let the bank know that there are other options – options that will put consumers first. It’s time for the individual to take charge of his or her own financial future.