Why the banking system is making Americans lose money

For most Americans, the banking system is emblematic of wealth. It’s where all the money goes, after all, and executives in the industry tend to be fabulously wealthy. What many do not understand, though, is that the banks are actually causing Americans to lose out on a massive amount of wealth. Part of this has to do with how the banks are organized and the remainder deals with how they operate. No matter what the root cause, though, one thing remains true – Americans are losing out on massive profits because of their faith in the banks.

The first place one should look for losses is in bank operation. Banks aren’t non-profit entities and they’re not run by the government. Every bank is an entity designed to do only one thing – profit. This wouldn’t be an awful thing, except people depend on banks to help them generate more wealth. Since a bank’s job is to make a profit, they’ll do everything they can to stop paying out to their customers. Much like an insurance company, the goal is to bring in more than will go out. The only people who ever really reap a profit are those who have a stake in the bank.

This leads to the way the banking industry operates. They keep interest rates low because making them higher would lead to more profits going out. They understand that most people don’t think they have options, so they keep their interest rates marginal. They also refuse to lend out their money, which was once a primary purpose of a bank. Since this cash is kept tied up, Americans can’t start businesses or invest – keeping most of the profits they could make tidily in the hands of the bank and those they deem worthy of getting rich.

That’s why it’s a great thing that there are alternatives. Look at BitCoin for an example of how to make your earnings grow. You can invest in BitCoin markets to make a profit. You can keep your funds in cryptocurrency to keep it safe. You can even start cloud mining so you can see your investments grow. This is a way to put your earnings to work for you instead of making it work for a banker. No matter what you choose to do with crypto, you can feel secure in the fact that you’re making the decisions about how your earnings will be used.

Don’t let the banks take more money from you. They understand the value of a dollar and want to make sure that you’re kept in the dark. Allow yourself to start cloud mining or investing in cryptocurrency. Allow yourself to determine how you will build your own wealth. Bankers have already made enough out of your complacency. It’s time for you to take control and to make the right decision. Wealth is waiting for you, but it’s going to require that you step away from the old system and start working towards a future that requires you to be the person in charge.