Why Bitcoin is one of the best investment opportunities of 2017

Bitcoin Is The Best Investment Opportunity Of 2017
If you haven’t heard about it, Bitcoin, abbreviated as BTC, is a digital currency that can be exchanged for goods and services just as paper money can. The biggest difference, when compared to regular fiat, is that bitcoin is decentralized, meaning that there is no central authority that determines the supply and price. Although being a decentralized currency adds some risk to this digital currency as an investment option, it also greatly increases the potential return, making it the best investment opportunity of 2017.

The Expanding Market

The price of cryptocurrencies has been skyrocketing recently because several new countries are legitimizing digital currencies and weakening the regulations that surround them. Japan and the Philippines are the most recent countries to legalize the use of BTC and some of the leaders in industries such as retail are taking advantage of this by accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Since the biggest driver behind the price of a bitcoin is demand, every additional market that accepts it has a chance to cause the price to rise.

The Rise Of Cryptocurrencies in China

As the Chinese economy grows, so does the wealth of their people. This helps cryptocurrencies because over 75% of them are traded in China. This isn’t the only reason digital currencies are growing in China though.

The Chinese government has quite a few restrictions on their currency, which makes it difficult to exchange Renminbi for other currencies. BTC is being used as a way to bypass the restrictions. The growing demand of BTC in China is exactly the type of thing the currency needs in order to continue growth.

BTC Is Growing At A Faster Pace Than Other Currencies

BTC has grown at a quicker pace than any other form of currency. In fact, it has even grown quicker than gold and silver. Although safety is important, so is growth. BTC will always a much higher earning potential due to being decentralized and investing is always about making more money.

No Restrictions

Another reason why BTC is growing faster than other currencies is because of the lack of restrictions against the currency. As mentioned above, the Chinese have been taking advantage of this since the creation of BTC. Other countries are beginning to as well.

BTC can be traded with any currency, regardless of location. Combine that with the fact that the trading of BTC results in much smaller fees than that of a normal currency exchange, and BTC has much more utility. Anything that has utility will always have demand.

More Demand Means Growing Price

The reasons lifted above all point to a future increase in demand for BTC. Since BTC is a decentralized currency with a limited supply, demand is the main indicator of price. BTC has the potential to greatly increase in price in 2017, making it one of the best investment options available.

Why investing in Cloud Mining is better than a Bank Savings account interest rate

Bitcoin has seen tremendous growth in value since it was first released in 2009. It is seen as the first cryptocurrency and a way to store value and handle transactions online. It’s completely anonymous and once a trade is made, it can’t be rolled back. These properties have led to its widespread use and its increasing value. The value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed.

Like gold and other commodities, there are two ways to invest in Bitcoin. You can physically buy the commodity or invest in the companies that are mining the commodity. Investing in mining companies is often a better idea because your investment grows with the value of the company and the value of Bitcoin. Instead of getting a measly 0.1% interest rate from your savings account at your local banking institution, you can get 10% or more per month from a cloud mining company.

In order to understand why cloud mining is the future of Bitcoin, it’s important to go back to the early days of Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining could occur on a desktop computer in the background while users could do other tasks. Miners could load up software on their home computer and mine Bitcoins during the night while sleeping. It was easy to mine Bitcoin because the calculations were not yet as complex and there were more bitcoins available.

This early period was short lived. It soon became unprofitable to run a desktop to do Bitcoin mining. The value of the Bitcoins produced was less than the cost of electricity used to mine the coins. Rapid advances in technology led to standalone Bitcoin mining machines. Since Bitcoin is power and capital intensive, it has now been relegated out of the hands of hobbyists and into the hands of those who can mine it most profitability.

It’s now done in climate-controlled data centers located where expenses are the lowest so that profits can be the highest. If you want to mine Bitcoin, you either need to invest in your own data center or you can invest in an existing mining company. The capital-intensive aspect of mining means that companies need access to capital and are willing to pay more interest than what a typical banking institution will pay. It’s either go big or go home.

Investing in Bitcoin mining is relatively simple. There are many different companies out there doing the mining. You can go with an established company or go with a new startup. Make sure you do your due diligence. Your capital investments allow them to have the state of the art equipment needed to mine Bitcoin most effectively. More Bitcoins produced means that you get an even larger return on your investment.

There is money to be made in Bitcoin mining, but instead of doing it yourself, the real money is investing in Bitcoin cloud mining. It’s an effective use of your money that get you 10% return on your investment in just one month vs. the 0.1% savings interest rate in the traditional banking system. It’s a no-brainer that you should be looking at Bitcoin investments.

Why the banking system is making Americans lose money

For most Americans, the banking system is emblematic of wealth. It’s where all the money goes, after all, and executives in the industry tend to be fabulously wealthy. What many do not understand, though, is that the banks are actually causing Americans to lose out on a massive amount of wealth. Part of this has to do with how the banks are organized and the remainder deals with how they operate. No matter what the root cause, though, one thing remains true – Americans are losing out on massive profits because of their faith in the banks.

The first place one should look for losses is in bank operation. Banks aren’t non-profit entities and they’re not run by the government. Every bank is an entity designed to do only one thing – profit. This wouldn’t be an awful thing, except people depend on banks to help them generate more wealth. Since a bank’s job is to make a profit, they’ll do everything they can to stop paying out to their customers. Much like an insurance company, the goal is to bring in more than will go out. The only people who ever really reap a profit are those who have a stake in the bank.

This leads to the way the banking industry operates. They keep interest rates low because making them higher would lead to more profits going out. They understand that most people don’t think they have options, so they keep their interest rates marginal. They also refuse to lend out their money, which was once a primary purpose of a bank. Since this cash is kept tied up, Americans can’t start businesses or invest – keeping most of the profits they could make tidily in the hands of the bank and those they deem worthy of getting rich.

That’s why it’s a great thing that there are alternatives. Look at BitCoin for an example of how to make your earnings grow. You can invest in BitCoin markets to make a profit. You can keep your funds in cryptocurrency to keep it safe. You can even start cloud mining so you can see your investments grow. This is a way to put your earnings to work for you instead of making it work for a banker. No matter what you choose to do with crypto, you can feel secure in the fact that you’re making the decisions about how your earnings will be used.

Don’t let the banks take more money from you. They understand the value of a dollar and want to make sure that you’re kept in the dark. Allow yourself to start cloud mining or investing in cryptocurrency. Allow yourself to determine how you will build your own wealth. Bankers have already made enough out of your complacency. It’s time for you to take control and to make the right decision. Wealth is waiting for you, but it’s going to require that you step away from the old system and start working towards a future that requires you to be the person in charge.

Why the current banking system is corrupt and people should switch to Bitcoin

The current banking system is, in a word, corrupt. It’s one of those things that everyone knows and acknowledges, but that few people are willing to do anything about. There are occasional rumblings about regulation in Washington and periodic movements to switch accounts over to local credit unions, but the status quo tends to remain no matter what happens. If you don’t believe that, just look at everything that was revealed in the financial crisis of 2008 – banks were honest about just how corrupt they were, and not a single thing changed. It’s obvious that something must be done, but it’s hard for the average person to make an impact.

What does it mean for a bank to be corrupt? At the highest level, it means that the banks are operating against their own stated purpose. A bank should exist to help people safeguard their money and work as a method of lending money for major investments. In reality, a bank does neither of those things. Banks exist to take as much money as possible from the average person and guard it against being lent out. The purpose of a bank is to bring money into the bank and to please shareholders – nothing more.

Those in the world of finance are largely at fault for this phenomenon. They help one another accomplish their goals, usually in a fashion that would be labeled as collusion in any other industry. Banks work together to make sure that most people will never be able to generate any kind of wealth and that only a certain class of people will be able to be successful. It’s not just an industry that’s bad or corrupt – it is an industry that goes out of its way to destroy the American Dream at every turn.

Fortunately, there are now options. It’s better for Americans to switch over to BitCoin than to leave a cent in the banks. Cryptocurrency scares banks because they cannot control it. They have no way to regulate it, tax it, or impose fees upon it. Those who hold cryptocurrency can grow their wealth without anyone else interfering in its generation. It’s the most frightening thing to an entrenched establishment – a useful newcomer that cannot be destroyed or regulated out of existence. It might exist largely on the periphery, but it is something that is growing by leaps and bounds every day.

It’s time for banking as we know it to end. It’s time for finance to be reformed and for the people to take control again. The first step is weakening the hold the banks have to the financial future of the average person – and that means it is time for BitCoin to become a standard rather than an alternative. Once people are no long reliant on banks, those individuals running them will no longer have the excuse of being too large to fail. They will have to deal in the system that they themselves have created – and by current standards, it is guaranteed that they will fail.

Why you shouldn’t trust banks to hold your money

As you grew up, you probably took a number of things for granted. You knew that you were supposed to get a driver’s license. You knew that you needed to graduate high school. You also knew that you needed to put your money in the bank. Unfortunately, that last item has become less of a fact in recent years. As anyone who lived through the Great Depression can tell you, there’s something inherently untrustworthy about banks. Now that we’ve gone through another financial crisis, it’s become impossible to ignore the fact that it just isn’t safe to keep money with these institutions any longer.

It’s hard not to think of corruption when you think of the world of finance. When you look at the financial meltdown of 2008, you likely saw that a number of people in high positions colluded to make life worse for others. These people weren’t punished, and in many cases, they kept the same jobs. There’s no reason to believe they’ve had a change of heart – just to believe that they are more careful about getting caught. The people in charge of keeping your money safe, then, really can’t be trusted with anything.

Of course, it’s more than just the people in charge that are problematic. At its core, a bank is an entity meant to generate a profit. You are the person with money, and they’d really like to have that money. That means the bank is always going to have a reason to try to take that money from you. From fees to banking ‘mistakes’, you’ll find that your money never grows quite as it should when it is in the bank. As time has gone by, the perks of working with a bank have gone away. Now, they exist because people expect them to – and they take advantage of that fact regularly.

BitCoin is a fantastic finance alternative to a bank. It gives you the chance to take charge of your own money and hold onto it safely. It gives consumers all the protection that a bank would have, but without putting a middle-man in the away. It makes users very aware of the fact that they are in charge of their own investment and that they don’t need a giant company’s help to make money. Instead of trusting a stranger, you can trust yourself to keep an investment safe. It’s a great system for those who are tired of being a bank’s victim.

You shouldn’t trust banks to hold onto your money. You should trust yourself and do the research on products that help you to do so. BitCoin gives you more freedom and more security without requiring you to pay fees to a bank. No matter what you decide to do, it’s time to stop blindly following the old rules. It’s time to let the bank know that there are other options – options that will put consumers first. It’s time for the individual to take charge of his or her own financial future.

Why Bitcoin is gaining momentum amongst the average american versus the traditional banking system

If you looked back only a few years ago, the average American probably couldn’t explain to you what a cryptocurrency was, to say nothing of how one might be used. Today, though, these currencies – and particularly BitCoin – are becoming a valid alternative to traditional banking. While cloud mining might be out of the scope of the typical American investor, the truth of the matter is that people want something different. Understanding why crypto is so attractive explains a great deal about why BitCoin is making such a splash in the financial sphere.

On a very basic level, a cryptocurrency investment makes sense because it pays off. A BTC investment will return over a hundred times the monthly return of a more traditional saving account with a bank. It’s also done without the onerous fees charged by many banks. That’s more profit in the hands of the consumer and much less hassle for those who want to see their money grow. It should be no surprise, then, that even those who tend to like conservative investments are starting to move towards cryptocurrencies. Seeing one’s money grow without someone else taking a piece of that is always an attractive proposition.

There’s also the fact that, by and large, Americans have lost faith in banks. Many of the perks that used to come with a banking account are now gone, replaced with a series of fees that seem designed to make sure that customers can’t access their money. It’s nearly impossible to get anything of value from a bank, yet the banks continue to post record profits. It’s become very clear to some investors that they are being taken advantage of, yet they haven’t always had a good alternative. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, though, they now have a chance to walk away from the banks.

It’s also easier to get into these currencies than ever before. Cloud mining makes it easier for those without significant hardware to mine the currency and exchanges are now available to allow investors to buy the coin directly. This puts the data in the position to be a real investment and one that’s far easier to deal with than standard stocks or bank products. The lack of regulation in the field might make some nervous, but there’s a great deal of work being done to make even crypto markets more stable. These are the investments of the future, and many Americans want to get in on the ground floor.

The traditional banking system has failed Americans, if only as a matter of perception. People want more control over their investments and more control over their own money. It should come as no surprise that people are moving towards BitCoin as a way to take control back of their own financial future. As the currency becomes more popular, it is likely to become more of a threat to banks. It’s a good time to starting investing, especially for those who want to walk away from the banks that have kept their money for so long.

The benefits of Bitcoin to developing countries

The Benefits of Bitcoin to Developing Countries

Most people in the developed world who’ve heard of bitcoin tend to view it, to steal a phrase from Wired, as a solution in need of a problem. After all, those in America, the United Kingdom, and much of Europe don’t have any trouble saving money, sending money to friends and family, or purchasing items online, so why participate in this new cryptocurrency economy? While there are some people who do, they’re typically thought of as eccentrics, or as those using this currency to pay for illegal acts.

In other parts of the world, parts that lack the financial infrastructure found in developed nations, though, this particular form of digital currency has a lot of potential.

Why Developing Nations Will Benefit From Bitcoin

In America, banks are everywhere. There are national banks, local banks, and a dozen different online services people can use to bank digitally if that’s their preference. However, in the developing world that is not the case. For example, take a country like Nigeria, where only 36 percent of the population had access to traditional banking as of 2016. In a situation like that, it’s extremely difficult to save money. Sending money, especially sending money across national borders, becomes a nearly Herculean task.

That is where cryptocurrency comes into the picture.

Because these alternative currencies are not centralized in any one nation, their value is something that can be universally accessed by people all over the world. It provides a level playing field, which allows countries usually kept at a disadvantage to enjoy the same kind of benefits industrialized nations with more robust economies are used to.

Bitcoin is also becoming a way for investment to happen in these countries. From microloans to digital banking services, the economy (particularly in more rural areas) is feeling the change brought on by the adoption of these digital currencies. Options that were once only available in more urban areas can now be accessed by bigger swaths of the population. This leads to additional development, and to growth in ways that we’re only used to seeing in the industrialized world.

A Short-Term Gain?

While cryptocurrencies can energize the economy in the short-term, they may not be the preferred long-term solution for nations who find themselves shedding their “developing” status as a result of using these digital currencies. Once the infrastructure is in place, and the population is used to having access to the kinds of services enjoyed by more industrialized nations, it’s possible that cryptocurrency will fall out of favor. It is, in many ways, a stepping stone. But it is a necessary stepping stone in order to bridge the gap between where countries are, and where many of them want to be.

The benefits of cloud mining litecoin

Several benefits of cloud mining litecoin You Should Know
Public interests in cryptocurrencies have increased dramatically over the past few years. The primary focus of attention has been Bitcoin, which, following its release in 2009 has become a common name in the cryptocurrency world. Recently, however, many other altcoins have also entered the scene. Among, these altcoins, one name that most people have been interested in is Litecoin.

Litecoin was launched in October 2011, and the currency has grown to a market capitalization of about $75 million. Indeed, the developers of Litecoins have stated that their intention is to make this cryptocurrency worth competing with the dominant Bitcoins. This article seeks to unearth some of the major benefits of cloud mining litecoins for those who are considering investing in this industry.

Its benefits
One of the beauties of Litecoins mining is the fact that scamming is almost impossible because of the processes that are involved. All deals signed on cryptocurrencies are permanent. So, it leaves no chances for fraudulent chargebacks. With a Litecoin, once you are paid, you get paid, and that’s all. There is no opportunity for your web visitors to dispute or demand a fraudulent refund, or employ other unethical sleights of palm. It means that you will get the opportunity to keep full rewards of your hard labor.

Another significant benefit associated with Litecoins is that they are very stable. There is only a fraction of these altcoins that are issued; hence, very few are available in the markets. Altcoins markets are very competitive, and this means that the value of the currencies rises or falls depending on the market demand.

Since the value of the altcoin depends on the supply and demand, some people hoard them for long term investments. If you have altcoins, you can accumulate them until prices rise to a certain value then release them into the market. The value of these altcoins is also considered to be relatively stable and does not fluctuate a lot. It is, therefore, possible that one can predict the value of their altcoins for long-term savings and investments.

The good thing about cloud mining is that it limits the number of illegal activities on the web. Everything regarding this mining is carried out in public domain, and everything is recorded in the public register. It, therefore, discourages people with evil motives to continue with their intentions since others are monitoring them.

Cryptocurrencies are available worldwide, so they are not limited to a particular location. Therefore, it means that you can embark on cloud mining from any point on the globe. Unlike in other currencies, altcoins are not controlled by any authority, banking institutions or other regulatory agencies.

They utilize blockchain technology that isn’t governed by any authorities. No one regulates the activity of cloud miners, and one can mine as much as they can. The currency is however limited and their value is governed by the rules of demand and supply. As such, it is not susceptible to wild inflation and corrupt institutions.